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  • We’re strong men, we keep the struggle inside. You had an off day. – a line from Kidding [2018]

  • 28.01.2018

    28.01.2018/22:12 Davao City. Tldr: long drive, reunion At 0500 hours, I woke up, took a quick shower. I had a long drive ahead. The inn did not offer any breakfast option so I settle for a biscuit and bottled water. I thought of just grabbing a breakfast along the road – Butuan City probably. At […]

  • 27.01.2018

    27.01.2018/18.55 Bad-as, Placer, Surigao del Norte. Tldr: It was a tiring long day. Started 0600 hours, cooked a fat-boosted breakfast. I know it will be a long day so energy is a must. I prepared my personal computer for my move. These include disconnecting the main hard drive and creating a user for the family […]

  • The Flight – not a true story, ep02

    The Flight – not a true story, ep02

    It was a sunny day. It was boarding time for my flight. I hate travelling but not specifically flying. I had a busy day but not a bad one. I had my ticket in my hand while I aimlessly walked towards the plane. I was surprised when suddenly a guy asked me. “What’s your number?” […]

  • The Flight – ep01

    The Flight – ep01

    It was a sunny day. I did not remember the date or what day it was. It was clear that I was walking towards a plane. I guess I’m traveling somewhere. Along the way, I noticed a lady walking beside me. A ticket in her hand. “So we’re on the same flight”, I said to […]